What If I Said Yes To The Moon?

Published November 28, 2017 by tindertender

So I stand, shameless bright, my heart open wide ~ wild crafted pleasure and mountainous might. I define myself as I set myself free, and I laugh out loud as I birth a new me … for all women.
~ Clare Dubois


What if I said yes to the moon?
What if I let my calendar mind fall quiet and forget –
Let that incessant load of lists get parked
Over there,
by the side of the road
That I used to follow
when I thought I knew who I was
when I thought I knew what I was
What if I fell still enough to hear the tides
The ones that rise and fall me
The ones that deeply inform me
The ones that guide and nourish me
That teach me who I am
When I let myself soften enough
To be carried inside
Carried and watered by the nature that lives me
When I do, will it show when you see me?
When I step out of time, out of line
Back into the full circle
of womankind?
Back into the river of life
That shows me who I am
So that now, I make sense to myself
So that now, I reclaim myself
And so it is
Rediscovered as woman
Amazed, inspired and captivated
Infused by that deeper flow that knows
Making sense to myself as the seasons unfold
I am home
Home on the inside in a life that is mine
Home in a mystery that makes sense to my soul
Back, on the throne of woman

~ Clare Dubois, Founder, Treesisters.org

“Our full moon online retreats with Clare Dubois, the Founder of treesisters.org, are free and open to everyone. They are part of TreeSisters’ commitment to help ‘water’ the tree of our network so that we can all feel more connected, more supported and alive on our journey of becoming.”

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