Swirls In Lace

Published November 28, 2017 by tindertender

Don’t get frustrated by delay, the flow will come. Don’t try too hard to make it happen , you will succeed in only ‘pushing’ it further away. There must be a great allowing, a union which is deeper than with anything seen.

Swirls in lace
Swirls in lace, manufactured grace, transparent for all to see. It hides nothing, showing everything, delicate beauty. Time … it is a ‘lock’, it is an anchor which weighs people down. Everything in this current reality spins around this thing that prohibits freedom. Seasons which once came and went, clear as four do not any more, for they are manipulated by those who wish to control time, patterns, building walls for containment.

One side is dark, the other light. In darkness, filth does not show, it is hidden, but on the brighter side, filthy muck from filthy hands is quite obvious, allowing opportunity to see it, to cleanse it. We are seeing now … Stains in dark carpet, spills in crevasses.

Mental FogPull yourself UP and OUT of this mire. Difficult duties to self and world are in need of stamina, and deep seated will to stay the course. There are those who have gathered here in the world, at this time, specific to a particular task. Darkness becomes light, filth gets wiped, a release of the stains which have mired life.

Purpose ~ it has been searched for, for a very long time. It is becoming ever clear what it is. Punch through that smog, that foggy illusion ~ SEE what is there, see what it is, and make the switch, flip it … as it should be.

It is done.

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