Free, Once More

Published November 28, 2017 by tindertender

Black circle rimmed with light. Lion, jaws wide standing still, like marble … cold, cunning. The truth, the truth, I try to remember … life is better with friends.

Two orange rods standing straight up, they seem firm but melt like wax. Love among flowers stuck to the wall of mediocre and drab existence.

Mystic Circles

Totem and chimes, what are you saying? No sound, just presence. Mystic, taming snakes as they slowly wind about the body.

Sun darkened for only a moment, stars appear. She watches me from the shadow end of seasons. Worlds fall into each other, eyes wide in the storm. Crackling and black, long tentacles spread from the pit.

Thinking … heart hanging from the ceiling. A boat on the wall full of ancestors. Smiling masks, inwardly laughing as feathers of a bird hover near.

The eagle stares back at me, meeting my gaze. I can hardly see him as his image fades. Mind like a crystal goblet full of salt, heavy with dense perception.

History means we’ve learned … or does it? Love on water, in air. Silent people in despair, going deep for a time and then rising once more.

In mist.
Through crevasses, into light.

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