Soiled and Spoiled

Published November 27, 2017 by tindertender

“Either you know what goodness is and choose not to be it,
or you are as naive as the rest of us.”

Evil people

Looking into the eyes of one who so flippantly belts out slander who, while doing so, appears innocent as a child who has not been taught manners. This is a dangerous world where these mannerisms are thought to be strong, when they are instead very callous and cold.

It would be wonderful to believe that all which must be done is to lead by example, to show what it means to be of compassionate heart, to walk the walk. This aspect of good people is soiled by the spoiled and rotten apples of the malignant bunch. This infection is ruining the lot of those within the locale.

It is unnerving as sanity is seen fleeing and chaos is left over from discarded masks, running rampant through hallowed ground.



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