Intent and Desire

Published November 26, 2017 by tindertender

Kind HeartCaution. I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent person, however, I recognize I am quite naive when it comes to certain topics. Mistakes, or ‘errors’ have the potential of being made. Guidance would be very helpful, coming from one who has travelled the path before, learning from experience.

Beauty. It is talked of quite a bit. What is it, truly, though? Heart & Soul … I do not want war anymore, in fact, I never did.  I am certain the majority of people on the planet do not want war, but it continues … is this because of power struggle? Perhaps part of it is so ‘someone(s)’ can claim they have saved lives, taking credit for something that needn’t happen in the first place. A long time ago I was taught it takes a strong man to enter a battle, but it takes true courage to turn and walk away from one.

Hypocrite-How can a world intent on ruining lives and countries expect to raise children who respect life? The government states it is the fault of this or that which causes people to go berserk and kill mass people ~ this is a blaming of others, when in fact, the ‘system’ they’ve built is the actual guide for it!! Hypocrites everywhere, pretending to care.

The truth shines very bright in this light.

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