The Ideal Social Network

Published November 19, 2017 by tindertender

When the forest is no longer able to feed itself the whole body of it dies. Yet under the surface, there is still a beautiful network, working, and waiting for ideal conditions to return.

As the people have more and more taken from them while less and less is supplied in reward for their hard work, there is a shrinking, a holding tight to that which remains, a shriveling of the connection, of the spirit.

It is difficult to consider expanding and opening, to sharing that which is held so tightly. Only in doing so, however … only in feeding the forest with what remains … will new life be breathed into this network.

ALL people play an integral role in the rebuilding of a world that nourishes everyone, whatever role they fill is crucial to the whole. ‘Parts’ of the forest cannot be eliminated while expecting the remainder to thrive, it simply will not work.

“Some day you’ll understand.”

I would hate to think this life was wasted, and not used for the progression of that which is good for the world


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