As Above, So Below

Published November 15, 2017 by tindertender

bird-fishI looked, and there I saw what appeared to be a bird-fish, unlike anything I had ever seen before. It had beak, and a bird head, yet the body of a fish … I could not tell if it swam or flew.

Things in this world are spinning and turning upside-down, inside-out. As we observe these things and ask each other, “What in the world is happening?”, it continues to expand.

It is said that life ‘evolved’ into what it is today. Only those who do not pay attention will say they cannot see that science has tampered with the DNA structure of all life. This is a technique which has been around for centuries. We see it in hybrid plants, we see it in clones of animals, and surely, we are not so dull of mind to understand that although they will not admit it, they have tampered with humanity as well.

The winds blow, limbs from trees falling all around us. Lights begin to flicker and I say thanks for the inspiration to create candles recently. I feel inclined to gather sustenance, to prepare for that something which comes this way.

I try to tell myself it is only foolishness, these thoughts, but know in the core of me that it is not, evidence surrounds us the world over.

I ready for another normal day at the office. I expect a day to come soon where BIG shift takes place, larger than any that has come before. I stand at the ready …

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