Lifes Gifts

Published November 10, 2017 by tindertender

Her life has been a challenge, she may not remember that she chose this ~ to strengthen her resolve, her will, to hone her fire. She cultivates love through ALL of it, holding onto her compassionate heart, she walks through the darkness.

She lives these times, and deep within her she knows that on the other side of this experience is a great light, a light so full of goodness it would make one weep. THIS is why she is here, this is why she chose to challenge herself … she knows she is perfectly capable of this journey, and so she breathes.

There have been trials that she was sure would end her life, yet she made it through. She found herself depleted in energy, but she is learning that she can fill her cup back up. No one but she can do this … she must learn, she wants to learn. She will need this strength for the final leg of the uphill climb, her endurance must not falter.

Climbing Mountains

She embraces every occurrence which on the outside seems negative, she searches for the wisdom and the teachings it is bringing to her. What does it offer that will add to her personal power? She will harness these new found abilities caused by enduring new challenges. She will focus and glean knowledge from every situation.

These are gifts, many of them will not feel as though they are.
It may take years before the knowledge of it can live
within the heart and mind. Be persistent.

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