Midnight Prayer

Published November 9, 2017 by tindertender

Summer night sky

How I adore thee,
The way you carry your beauty
For all to see,
Unashamedly on display.

Mother Earth,
You give to us that which
Nourishes our soul
Freely, Gladly.

I long for the fresh
Spring waters
Sweet from the ground,
Cooled Natures way.

Let me walk upon your soil
Feeling you beneath my feet.
Take from this body
That which does not serve higher purpose.

Cleanse my lungs
With air purified by the trees,
Allow this body to release
Through it pores, toxins.

May your energies
Flow through me,
Allowing me to be your channel.
Let me amplify that which is good.

Love growing.
Light unconfined,
Condensed and then


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