Your Personal Cake For Life

Published November 8, 2017 by tindertender

What ingredients are you mixing up to create your reality? Are you mixing kindness, compassion, patience and love? Or are you mixing defense, hate, blame and victim-hood?

Tree-of-Life cake

This cake called life you eat every day, is one you bake yourself. YOU choose the ingredients. While the choices sometimes are crap this, and crap that, there is always something good to choose, even if there is only a small amount of it. These small amounts of goodness will add up to enough to make the most wonderful cake! Sometimes, it just takes a little longer to create it. That’s where patience comes in.

This is your personal cake, it does not have to be too big for it only need to feed you. There are many out there who do not wish to bake, they just want to eat YOUR cake. For these, it is not necessary to share for they are only interested in take, take, take.

On the other hand, there may be those who lack energy, and with a small bite of your cake they will have the strength to assist you in gathering ingredients to replace what they ‘borrowed’ and then more to bake their OWN cake. There is an incredible awe in watching others build the ingredient list for their cake, it is wonderful to bake cake after cake after cake … these little dishes only cause the fattening of the soul, which is beautiful!!!

I am going to eat cake every day, and while I do, I will collect those sweet ingredients so I can bake another. Someday, perhaps we can get together with our ingredients and make a cake so large it WILL feed the world! Now THAT would be amazing!

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