Astral Travel & Other-worldly Creatures

Published November 5, 2017 by tindertender

I was so thirsty! I wanted water something fierce. My companion told me of the pull out in the cargo box which had a vending machine. I put a small lever into the two holes at the top and heard a hissing sound, as though the air was being let out of a tire. I walked around to the other side and saw a handle, “No wonder!”, I thought, “I was doing it wrong!” I tugged on the handle and it began to slide. It came out at a slant and I shouted, “We are breaking it!” With help of the companion, we got it straight and pulled it out all of the way.

I stepped inside, seeking the machine with the water. Finding it, I had to wait my turn as there were others trying to use it as well. As it neared my turn, another came up and cut in front of me, putting their tokens in to get what they needed. I thought, “That was rude” but waited once more. I put my money into the slot, reaching around another who was trying to use it, and pushed my button. I retrieved my small bottle of fluid, snatching up my change. I leaped from the cargo box and ran to catch up to the one who helped me. 

otherworldly-wonders-fog-3There seemed to be trees in a park surrounding us, but I could not tell what kind they were. I looked to the left and saw a female walking toward me, her hip moving in an unnatural way, as though she walked sideways her entire life and only now was attempting to walk straight on. Her face was painted in thick layers of makeup. She walked with another and they both turned left to stay ahead of me, seeking glimpses of me out of sideways glances as I neared them.

Another, a man, a very tall man with eyebrows combed straight up, a high forehead looking quite stern, his face also painted with thick layers of makeup walked with what appeared to be a very tall female, also with face painted in thick layers. They both looked at me, scoping out my persona, measuring me.

I see my helper a number of yards ahead, arm draped over a very short person, they were in deep conversation. I walked swiftly to catch up as one looked over their shoulder, seeing me coming.

What people were these? It seemed another planet where the life forms were trying very hard to dress up as human so as not to raise suspicion. What plan are they scheming and what do they want of me? They think they are very clever, and perhaps they are, for it seemed others were trapped and at the mercy of products being made available in this vending machine. How did they get there, and why?

Throughout life you may have felt as though you did not fit in, thinking you MUST be from somewhere else! I believe you (we) ARE from here, however there are others who are not, who would like us to believe we are from elsewhere while they wreak havoc on our planet and destroy life for us here, and then attempt to snare us upon bodily death in a place where we do not belong.

It is time to get creative and utilize the energies we have to protect our life here, to protect each other … to reclaim that which is rightfully ours.

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