Testing, Testing

Published November 4, 2017 by tindertender

energy ball
He blasted me with energy for a second time, this one took my breath away, literally knocking it from my body. He stood over me for a moment, watching, and then went to sit at the kitchen chair. He made a phone call, he said, “Did you check her out?” no, was the response. “She’s suppose to be slender, 6 ft tall, aged 17”, he said. I laugh (now) just a little as I think of my short and stout nature.

I stood up, shakily, reached out and grabbed a pen off the table thinking it was a lighter, thinking I needed a cigarette. He told me to wait a minute, he said to write something on the tablet, he said my writing was supposed to go crooked. I quickly wrote my name. He asked if it were crooked saying he hoped it was, I replied, “No.”

Although it was not crooked, it was slanted forward, as though my writing were suddenly done by a left handed writer. I sit here typing this and my insides are shaking. I stood and used the restroom, thinking I would pee blood, but no …

Strange, how a stranger can seem quite nice and then turn in an instant, doing something so surprising. Accidents are like that … we never know when they are coming. Who decides they have a right to come along and push buttons anyhow? Who are these persons? Up to no good … do they think that what they seek will just appear before their very eyes? Do they really think that it is going to be that easy? Arrogance … Funny that word should come into my mind … I will not explain.

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