Moving On Up, Taking Notice

Published November 2, 2017 by tindertender

I am amazed how those who love, hear what they want to and then jump to advising, not knowing all of the details involved with what they offer advice for.  I am equally amazed by my habit of reacting in a manner that raises my blood pressure … why can I not be calm and rational in the face of irrational behaviors?

Practice is needed, that is plain, and without these opportunities, I for one, would not learn. I see it clearly and just after the conversation, want to try again, hopefully getting it right, keeping it sane, keeping relationship in love and not frustration.

I am mind blown how transparent thoughts are becoming, and how obvious different reactions and responses add to, or subtract from, situations. Elevated emotional bursts coming from nowhere, for no real good reason, is it just previous conditioning? A habit? Or is it actually who I have been? If it is the latter, I choose, right now, to improve upon every situation as it arises. One day it will be easier to maintain composure, and a soft and gentle state of beingness, regardless of judgement presented about life. I understand that advice offered, no matter how abrasive it may seem, stems from a loving heart.

Trust The Universe
I begin again, noticing the work which still must be done in my own actions and responses. I am grateful for these times, so that I might see better that which needs my attention.

Aaaahhhh, the Universe has a grand way of putting people and circumstance in our lives, providing exactly the inspiration we need to move on up into progress … climbing that mountain, where the pure air is.

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