Radical Self Love

Published October 31, 2017 by tindertender

Responsible for Bringing Energy

In today’s world, we find that most of the time we are either feeding off of, or feeding in to, someone or something. Not too often is there a mutual sharing, a caring, and generous gift and receipt.

It is very easy to attach our emotions to ‘someone else’ claiming our feelings to be caused by them, or something ‘they’ did. Only children can claim any sort of truth to this, for they haven’t the option of choice, most times. As adults, we consciously choose to remain in blame, or to come in to our personal power.

What a relief when we find someone(s) who care about similar issues and are willing to come together, in mutual sincerity, to assist each other in progressing into something greater than before, when we are surrounded by those who actually claim ownership for what they bring to a situation.

“In wholeness, in radical Self Love, we are fully engaged with our Authentic Self and own energy. Nothing can attach and take our Life Force. We are Sovereign Beings.”
     ~ Lia Love


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