The Enemy Is At War With You

Published October 30, 2017 by tindertender

You can see it today’s world where the services you pay for are being shucked. Waste treatment plants accidentally spill into rivers, water treatment plants pump filthy water into homes and expect to be paid still. The farmers are forced to used GMO products, and those who don’t … their crops are infected by those who do, and their rights to grow without chemicals is being infringed upon … meaning, our rights to an organic diet are being stripped from us.

Slowly, we are being pushed into doing things for ourselves. Sneaky ‘eh? While they steal your wages, they are quitting their jobs, leaving us with little to actually do the jobs correctly our self. Soon, they will announce they are no longer able to do what they are paid to do, and those who have not taken up task will be left wondering what now?

This is a well thought, and laid out scheme. They see the suffering in the world and they perpetuate it. They take the taxes and they stash it abroad. All the while they pollute the lands, the air, the food, and our own bodies. THEN they take even more of your money so they can help you heal.


While another day begins, I ready for work. They must be paid, you know. And while I do not take home nearly what I should, I will utilize what I do to learn about caring for the human body, I will take classes which teach me to harness and utilize energy best, and I will grow my mind into a powerful tool.

Strength be with you as you develop your abilities, as you refuse to pick up arms and fight their fight. This battle must be waged using weapons of Spirit ~ grow your skills.

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