Momentum Builds

Published October 28, 2017 by tindertender

Periodically I still have the thought of, “I am alone.” Although my mind has access to that which others do not, it still seems quite lonely at times.

Today may be a good day to visit nature, recharge the connection with the earth. Perhaps I will find a rural herb shop and purchase what I need to make medicines, at least one … An elderberry / reishi blend to ward off the winter viruses.


I’ll walk among the earth and breathe the air, and not dwell too much on the toxins spewed into it by a corrupt government and its varying sectors.

Harms way …
There is no path for it today.
Soon, training begins
And energies will flow which
Alter the way things go.
I will it to be,
Today, I start … anew.

This journey is one which must be vigilantly attended. While rest is needed periodically, forward movement must continue … with speed now, momentum increasing.

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