Opportunity To Shine

Published October 26, 2017 by tindertender

Doubts may have been, but now it is plain to see, when one woman (or man) puts their mind to it, much can be accomplished. Consistent motion, calm and methodical, one after the other, tasks are completed.

Life is a training field. When younger, it may have been difficult … working while ill, carrying the load of three, while being forced to watch one not even carry their own load. Frustration and a sense of things not quite right, yet, after all is said and done, the ones who stand and push through it, come out strong, very strong … Especially if they are able to evict any feeling of resentment from their mind space, forgive, understand that the bigger picture still, even now, has not told all its reasons for certain circumstances. Some day perhaps it will be clear.

Steam Engine

There is a sense of inner satisfaction when the steady pace shows clean space and room for the next tasks to begin. Chugga-chugga-chugga, freight train, or, locomotive, moving on the tracks of life. Are you capable of pulling that load up the hill? Of course you are!

You’ve got this!

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