Patience In Numbers

Published October 24, 2017 by tindertender

It is 4:47pm. I think nothing of it. I’m stopped at a light, waiting for it to turn green, indicating ‘go’. It was a busy day of numbers and plans. My mind is relaxing, not having to think about these schematics now. I look up to the license plate in front of me, it starts with 447. ‘Intriguing ‘ I think. I look it up as I unwind once home.

I find I have much to be grateful for. I am happy, for this is the first time in a long time my mind seems to be somewhat silent. Perhaps silent is too strong a word, perhaps I should say more quiet.

Time is nearing for some serious training. A series of classes I’ve been wanting to take (for a number of years) begins soon. Patience brings about opportunity for change. I must admit that in previous years while it seemed doors were closing every time I tried to move forward, in hind site, I see that it was perfect, for there were many things which needed tending to before other doors could open.

Here I sit, thinking on the Gaia Codex, a book I started reading last night. Tales of imagination, which seem so very near to reality, fill my mind and make it difficult for me to put it down. The earth is calling, indeed all that is sacred is calling.

Be Patient

My hope is that you sense the urgency of this shift which is upon us. My hope is that you will do what you can to increase the flow of kind, and generous thoughts, loving our earth and waters, tenderly holding their health in your mind. My wish for you is to have a knowledge of your uniqueness, and the fact that only you can do what you do. Your contribution to the whole is absolutely needed, priceless.

Even though we are many miles apart, and even though we may never meet, I am honored to share this planet with you, may we hold it in our hearts with love.

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