Energy Number 92

Published October 24, 2017 by tindertender

NumerologyNumbers92I cut up, nice and neat, the substance which needed to go into baggies … 92 pieces per bag. I tried to be tidy, making the pieces uniform, and it took forever. I kept losing track of how many pieces were in the bag! Finally, I looked to my fellow worker, and said, “I’m just going to cut them into chunks, relatively the same size, count out 92 and seal them in the bag.”

Sometimes, when we try to be helpful, doing the right thing, we get caught up in the uniformity of a task. Neatness, ‘pretty’ and tidy forms, are not what is needed. If we are to help as many as possible, we must become adept and quickly divvying out the necessary items. Remember, that in the uniqueness of each piece lies great diversity, and a knowing that not everything must matchy-matchy, following the same patterns.

While the world waits for us to climb out of the need to ‘color within the lines’ and ‘make it pretty’, it suffers.

By caring, you are sharing (love).


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