Heart Resonance

Published October 22, 2017 by tindertender

Everywhere I go, there he is. It seems as though he follows me … One day, I accept an offer to go to a show, and then another. He asks me, “Why did you choose me?” I say,”Because you are calm, in the middle of chaos, everywhere is chaos.”

Upon waking, I say, “I did not choose you!” You simply were everywhere I was, and the manipulative tactic, of making me think I chose this, is not going to work, for I know, I did not ask you to be here.

Such is life. We may think that because a certain something or someone always seems to be there, that we have chosen it. This is not proper thinking, this is not choice. It is a putting up with, or an acceptance of, but it was not chosen, for it in itself was not pursued, it simply followed us around.

Look deep into a situation, analyse it. Did you pursue what you find yourself with, or did it unfold, and you accepted it? Through life there is a great changing, in our thinking, and in the actions that follow.  Embracing self awareness and inner integrity is key if we are to ever find that which resonates with our heart.

Heart Resonance

2 comments on “Heart Resonance

  • To be more abstract, I consider pessimism to be one of those things that sneak into your life. Whether it came from other people or circumstances, pessimism can be too easily accepted because ups and downs seemingly unfold in our lives.

    Instead, let’s make the effort to say “I chose this, but not anymore” and drop the negativity in our lives. Let’s assume control and move forward.

    Great post, very mind-provoking.

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