Evicting Mind Monsters

Published October 22, 2017 by tindertender

There are those in this world who would have you believe that many must perish so that the earth will survive. This is false. The one who breathes life, who gives love freely, can undo this web of connection to darkness. The rotten leech which has infected humanity will be removed. Peace WILL prevail, and war isn’t necessarily the answer.

Believing everything we are told is dangerous. We see from the past that much of what has been stated is a total fabrication. An agenda which plays to the top percentage of folks is being laid out and that is what must change.

What is it that speaks truth to you? Leave the broadcast aside for a moment and touch base with the depths of your being. Forget of the opinions others speak of, listen to your own intuition.

It really will be okay. Do your part, do not feed the monster with the fear and paranoia it tries to stir up in your heart. It wages war on humanity, causing much harm. But you are strong, you are brilliant, and you are not alone.


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