Whatever You Desire

Published October 21, 2017 by tindertender

The hardest work you have to do is to learn to depend on your Inner Self because you have been taught to look always to someone else.
     ~ Venice J. Bloodworth


It may be difficult to comprehend, but you are not meant to bend to anyone elses will. You are a sovereign being and at the deepest core of you, you have something that is more real than anything that this world has taught you.

You may have been looking for it all your life, and you may have had proven to you, time and again, that it is not here. The issue of whether it is here or not isn’t the sad part … the sad part is that so many do not recognize that what they have been searching for dwells within them. People run around asking, “Do you have this love I seek? No? Well, how about you?” they ask the next person, and the next.

A wise woman once told me, and others, when it came to the proliferation of pain, and the holding back of that which is good … “STOP IT, just stop it.”

Individuals have power to turn tides, especially when working together to build harmony, and that which benefits the whole.

Darkness only holds those who permit it to. Without your consent, it cannot live in your heart, in your mind, and essentially, in your life. When you stand, when you rise above that snare, you are showing how it is done, and living a life that will assist others in doing the same.

See the BIG picture.
Know that everything is short lived,
Including negative scenarios.

Creating a world where love and goodness reign is indeed a possible reality … Upon your choosing, it will be … whatever you desire.

This dream that is ours
This dream that the world can wake up to itself
Through rapturous respect and radical reverence
This yearning for love
This unfurling request for tender living
This is not too much to ask|
For this is the way of our soul when we let the sunlight ripple in our mind
And the breezes teach us how to touch
When we let the gaze of the deer fall softly into our eyes
And the salmons steady returning remind us how to bow to our own beginnings
When the forest floor finally shows us how to share
And the steady patience of the trees seeps into the curve of our own spines
We shall fall softly into the dance
Of our own becoming
And recognize ourselves in all things living
But first we must bow
And allow
The remembering
That paves the path home
To reverence.

~ Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

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