Earth CPR

Published October 14, 2017 by tindertender

“The earth is a living, throbbing organism. It needs CPR ~ Conservation-Preservation-Restoration ~ on a regular basis:

“Conservation: We’ve got to use our resources rationally. We haven’t been all that rational these last brief millennia.

“Preservation: We’ve got to preserve what we can never replace. That’s what wilderness is. That’s what biodiversity is, and we’re getting rid of both faster than anybody has ever done.

“Restoration: We’re bright enough to build back, to restore the rivers we’ve dammed, the forests we’ve clearcut, the seas we’ve bloodied, polluted, and strip-mined with drift nets; the mountains we’ve bolted and bulldozed, the deserts we’ve spoiled or mistakenly created; the ozone layer we’ve punctured. We can’t restore a lot of things that are gone, but we can certainly restore human integrity.”

“You have opportunities, seize them.”

~ David Brower, Let The Mountains Talk, Let The Rivers Run

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