Heart Healing

Published October 8, 2017 by tindertender

“In the depths of the darkness of your soul, when you are fighting with the demon of anger or hatred or shame, when all succor seems a far and distant oasis, have you ever felt that the feeling was bigger than you? You know you are right, for when we are pushed to the depth of our limits of despair, when we are moved to the height of suffering and pain, there we attune with ‘collective suffering’. This vale of tears is an archetypal well of remembrance, a place where the demons of corruption lie.

This is why it is our destiny to heal ourselves with courage, mercy, refinement and grace. For when we do heal, our brothers and sisters heal too. When we experience truth, inspiration and sincerity, we feel illumination seeping through the very morrow of our bones. Therefore, our soul tingles, our heart resounds and all ‘heart stabs’ are cleansed …

… We’re really not so separate from this peace. We just think we are.”

~ Stewart Pearce, The Heart’s Note

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