Family Is Here ~ A Greater Love Awaits

Published October 8, 2017 by tindertender

Family has arrived. There is a long line, a procession, moving two by two, male and female. They are here to escort you away from the ‘harlot’ … the one you have been pining after, yearning to gain her attention, yet she is busy giving it to others.

Family is here, instructing you to gather your belongings, and come home.

When you think of the harlot, it can be metaphor for whatever it is that you have been chasing.
~ Perhaps you have been striving to gain that precious title, which comes with a precious paycheck and status, you’ve been told that you must do this or that in order to gain it, yet it never comes to you.
~ Perhaps it in fact, is a woman, or a man, that you have been aiming to please. Yet they give their affection and attention to others … a woman, or man,  they work hard to achieve that glorious job title and status, never having time for you. You are left feeling empty inside.

When you leave this behind, you will feel even more empty. You will feel sad. You will notice that the energies you have been pouring into the never ending struggle to gain, are now gone, for they too, were left behind.

A time for healing is needed, a time to focus on rebuilding your personal self-centered power. It is not selfish to tend to your inner being. It is crucial that you do so.

MotherThere is a greater love waiting for you. This love knows you are not yet ready. Patient, it waits for you, in the background. It will not leave you, it will not force you to move with a speed that you are not comfortable with, for it needs you to be whole. The pressure to do what will bring you peace increases. Your comfort in the level you are at will be broken open … it will most likely get even more uncomfortable as you leave a painful experience behind.

Family is here, surrounding you with loving support, guiding you to do what is right and good for you. And when you are ready, this greater love will enfold you in its arms and you will know that you have done the right thing.

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