Published October 6, 2017 by tindertender

The essence of Justice lies not within judgement, but within the profound recognition of the harmony that exists at the heart of natural order.

Justice is the ability to say, “No!” when no is needed. When inequality reigns, when a soul is denied, when inequity is rife, when power is misused, when a heart is attacked, when lack of compassion is apparent, when abuse is determined, when the name of love is vilified or grace reviled, we have the right to say a very loud and palpable “No!”

Our core power lies in being responsive and not reactive … aggression has become common currency in our world, and in order to allow the heart to sound, in order to love as purely as we can, we must surrender the old ways of thinking and doing.

If we let go, if we yield or surrender, we discover a new perception. We awaken from the nightmare of thinking ourselves weak and unloved, and accept that the power of the universe is within us, and will guide us. This is when the soul becomes victorious.

***** A taste of a good book ~ The Hearts Note, Stewart Pearce *****

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