Do You Recall?

Published October 6, 2017 by tindertender

Do you recall life before you began to check out your appearance in the mirror? Do you remember what you occupied your time with, and what you thought about? Do you have the remains of what it felt like to be free, and how you felt before you began to buy opinions with your attention in your mind?

Inner child

Think of days before intimacy of the physical sort. Before worrying about the fashion of clothes, or the style of hair ~ before teenage years, when hormones started flowing in full force …

… When innocent curiosity coursed through veins instead of the need to please, or to be pleased by anything other than the wonders of life.

Nurse these memories. Grow them in your mind and in your heart. Release that which has caused suffering in life, go back to the beginning. You have the ability to shed layers … layer upon layer of conditioning brought on by others. Go to the center of you, to the source which has always been within you.

It is time for reunion.

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