Reminders Of Love

Published October 5, 2017 by tindertender

Many factions among people teach that the animal kingdom is here for our use, as we see fit, subject to us.

I see it a bit differently.

As the human race becomes ever more desensitized to crime and the harming of one another … as animals are butchered for consumption, and lands, air and waters poisoned, prohibiting the nourishment of souls …

I see the animals as a reminder of gentle caring, unconditional love, and ever grateful presence. They need us to care. They want us to love. We see their examples of how they watch over each other, how they cry when harmed, or their ‘kids’ stripped from them shortly after birth. They are our opportunity to hold on to and nourish that love that dwells in our hearts.

It is difficult to find another human who will love us the way an animal will. Silently the four legged ones, the flying ones, and others … listen to, and love us. They are happy to be of service, longing to be near us when we hurt, easing our pain.

They remind us that love is real.

Without them, we might just forget what love is, considering the repetitive broadcasts of hate and harm and theft and foul … and the ones who act out the programming which they’ve absorbed.

Let us ponder the gracious reminder given to us ~ the beautiful souls put here on earth to keep alive in our hearts the truth that love exists, and that it is very real.

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