Alpha & Omega

Published September 28, 2017 by tindertender

Over the centuries, wars have been fought, promises made, people swear that the one who calls himself the Alpha and the Omega will obliterate the world and cause it to reset. Indeed, this may have been what has happened, time and time again.

But what if it is all a ‘story’. What if this is a tall tale meant to warp minds and cause distraction … something to allow people to give up, give in, not care, for the hurt cycles ’round for so long …

Alpha & OmegaWhen destruction does hit … weather modification, sonic blasts, seismic booms, fracking the earth, poisoning of the air and water and foods, people are so caught up in what they’ve been told by others their whole lives, they may have difficulty seeing clearly. Disasters are man made, carefully planned and carried out … we have financed our own waking comas.

Perhaps the Alpha does not exist, nor does the Omega.

Perhaps there is no ending, and there is no beginning … it simply moves from one point to the next. Stop signs were made by man, these stops and starts are rules created by man which have been imposed on others … from the time we were small.

Alpha Beta Omega

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