Mabon ~ Autumn Equinox

Published September 22, 2017 by tindertender
“Mabon is a pagan harvest festival which is celebrated on the Autumnal Equinox each year – around September 21st through September 24th. Also known as Harvest Home, this holiday marks the middle of the harvest cycle – when both the days and nights are of equal length. It is a time to reap what you sow, a time to give thanks to Mother Earth for the bounty she provides and a time to rest after bringing in the crops. It is also the second holiday on the Wheel of the Year, which includes other harvest festivals such as Lammas and Samhain.”
“In our Wheel of the Year mythos at Mabon, we celebrate the God and Goddess as they begin their descent into the shadows. In this rite, we honor the balance between the bounty of the upper world, and the release into the underworld. They know the sacred order of the “perfect,” complete cycle; they teach us that life is sustained through death, just as death contains the promise of rebirth.”


Yin Yang CC0 Public Domain ~Pixabay

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