Wrath Of Time

Published September 20, 2017 by tindertender

“In a world that has fallen to the wrath of time and hatred, music is the only way we can submerse ourselves in our own reality’s. Because we have fallen too deep into the quiet call of the moon, paralyzed in fear here, we sing the oceans lullaby’s but what do they really do for us except make us sleep in solitude to escape the light. We sink deep into the ocean swaying in the pull of the sea, singing it’s song, those who can swim above us as sailors and those who cannot, struggling. Follow your own path not that of others, we drift endlessly in a distant lament stuck in the constant chant of the sea, we are fallen sailors, the swallowing sea sucking us down into the beautiful alatulya world, where we are forgotten.”
       ~ Danika Firth

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