Nabisco Upper Management , Thieves and Poisoners

Published September 18, 2017 by tindertender

Here is a letter a very concerned father wrote to Nabisco regarding his families close call today. If you or someone you love has nut allergies, please share.

To whom it may concern:

FIVE MINUTES. That is the thought that raced through my wife’s head today. My twelve-year-old son has five minutes, after eating ANY nut product, before he goes into anaphylactic shock. His lips will tingle, his tongue swells to twice its size and his airway will begin to close off. Taking Benadryl is a waste of time because in the twenty minutes that it requires this drug to take effect, my son can die. At this point, it is a matter of life and death and only a shot of epinephrine given IMMEDIATELY can save him.

So, when my wife opened a package of your “Original” Ritz crackers in the 8 Fresh Stacks packaging and saw PEANUT BUTTER smeared on several of them, she nearly had a panic attack! Not because she doesn’t care for peanut butter, it’s because she realized that she included an unopened package of YOUR crackers in our son’s LUNCH! She immediately ransacked his lunch bag and the crackers were removed. That package had peanut butter residue inside several crackers as well.

GROSS NEGLIGENCE. That is the thought that raced through MY head after hearing my wife’s recounting of today’s events. Though my twelve-year-old was spared any injury thanks to his quick acting Mom and frankly, by the grace of God, that DOES NOT let your company off the hook. I shudder to think what could have happened or what may STILL happen to unsuspecting consumers of your product! This is the type of BLATANT DISREGARD for consumer safety that makes people with allergens distrust companies like yours. You may think that because he didn’t eat any of your tainted crackers – no harm, no foul? WRONG. As parents of a food allergy-afflicted child, it is our immediate responsibility that we provide food that is free from ANY harmful allergens that would threaten the life of our son. It is an unending task that we do well and gladly. Our son DEPENDS on us for that. DO YOU REALIZE THE POTENTIAL LOSS OF TRUST AN EVENT LIKE THIS COULD HAVE TRIGGERED?!?

As a company who feeds this country and the world, YOU have a moral responsibility (not to mention a legal one) to inform the public of your transgression. IMMEDIATELY. I strongly urge you to not be derelict in your obligation. I will be informing our local media of this and posting a copy of this letter on social media to make others aware. We were lucky. Others may not be.

(Writers Name omitted for privacy)





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