Ancient Cry

Published September 15, 2017 by tindertender

“A world overcome by grief, anger and despair; Where hatred lies dormant to be ignited in an instant. The earth is weary and broken, blackened from years of war and pain. Those who remain pray for guidance and hope for a brighter tomorrow; and yet day never broke the endless night. A young girl stood atop a hill, her heart heavy with sorrow as she took in the ghastly vision before her. “This is what our kind has wrought upon the world…” Looking up at a dark sky, her tears fell into the soil. She felt a warmth within her begin to grow, filling every fiber of her being. Calm, yet faint voices began to speak to her. ”Child… Go now. Bring your light to the world in darkness. Hear our words and release them! Bring back the joy, the love. Banish the hate and the fear. Hear us, child. We are with you.” The girl clutched her heart as she was overcome with emotion, she raised her head to the sky and filled the air with her voice. Light began to emanate from her body as she let out her Ancient Cry; carrying the song of her people, long forgotten. The world around her began to change as she strode along, life growing with each of her footsteps. The girl walked to the end of her days, and now, the people continue to hear her Ancient Cry with each gale of wind, hear her passion in the trees, feel her love in the waters. The girl may be forgotten by some , but her song shall prevail throughout the ages to come, even in the darkest of times.”
Sebastian Michaelis

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