Great Foods & Turning The Other Cheek

Published August 30, 2017 by tindertender

I just made an amazing recipe of “Cucumber Fruit Salsa” and it is bursting with delicious flavor!! Thank you Taste of Home!! It was well worth the time and effort after work, I enjoyed it as my supper with chips!

On a different note, I read a post of someone calling me a not so glamorous title … haha, this one tries to omit the reality of chemtrails. All good, for that person and others who do not believe they are real, however slander of me personally over my disagreement with them will not alter my views on the subject, or my feelings of myself. I find it interesting how some will talk trash about anyone who poses a different “world view”.

I look at my reflection and I remember the smooth skinned young girl I once was. Naive, led around by others views, lacking the knowledge to form my own opinion and outlook. A people-pleaser. No longer do I see that girl, although she still dwells within this flesh. The woman I am today knows that pleasing others is not possible, in fact, pleasing myself can be challenging. There comes a time when stepping away from those who wish harm, either verbally inflicting it or physically, is a necessary move in order to discover, and become tight with, ones truest self.

It’s time to clean house.

When negatives begin, let it be a practice to either dissolve them, flipping them into a positive, or removing the self from the situation. Either way, the shift should be made quickly, for shadow will sap as much light as it can before one pulls out of its way. With practice, the shift will become easier and quicker, and soon there will be no need to pull ones self from shadows path, for shadow will not go there.

Let that beautiful light shine!

Eat healthy organic and fresh foods, kick start your day with natural supplements such as Rain Soul ( drink home distilled waters PH Balanced, or with reverse ozmosis, and plenty of it, and make your own Kombucha (

You’ve Got This!!


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