Connections “Before Time”

Published August 30, 2017 by tindertender

May I be inspired today by that which is for the highest and greatest good for my life, for the lives that my life touch, and for the lives that theirs touch also. May we all be guided along this path like a freight train … not a run-away freight train, but a carefully driven and powered freight train, making stops along the way as needed.

Ajeet Kaur’s newest album Haseya is a journey with sound to heal with the earth. Haseya means to rise up, or she rises, in Diné, the language of the Navajo people, and this music inspires us to do just that.  It is a call to come together across cultures and divisions and heal the pain that separates us from one another and the earth. Haseya is deeply integrated with the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of our ancestors and an awakening of healing space.

The song in my heart reaches out to you in remembrance, One who has known me before time began for this life, I know you are still there, quietly watching. I appreciate you more than my understanding of this language can describe.

Perhaps many of you feel the same about the time before time and your memories of the truest love, the love which is non physical, yet goes deep into the core of our being. The love which has no preference, loving all equally, for at the very center …. there is the same essence. Some are shining brightly, and some dimmer, and still yet, some have nearly had their light extinguished from whatever cause.

As the latter scrambles to hold on they are quite vulnerable to this darkness, they lash out at others causing harm. Although we may see them as bad, truly the badness we see is working “through” them, and it is they who are at greatest risk, as well as those who are exposed to this harmful energetic attachment through them.

It is difficult to separate the deed from the person. Pain, trauma, loss, rejection, sorrow and loss of all kinds, expose a soul to negative influence. When there are substances such as alcohol or other mind altering drugs, that weakens the auric field and allows attachment or influence as well.

I often wonder about the legalization of alcohol. It is one of the most dangerous of all mind numbing substances, and yet, for some reason, it is the one everyone wishes to keep legal, while the one which calms and soothes the mind is rejected against.

Peace will be arriving whether it is fought against or not, for peace does not war. The energies used to create war are yours and mine. When we simply reclaim that energy and apply it toward that which we wish to see in the world … peace, compassion, love for life … war ends. This struggle need not be a struggle at all, the end of it only requires a non-participation.

When all people stop listening to the hype of a twisted leadership, however and wherever that might be experienced, and start living from their hearts, this battle will fizzle and end.

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