We Are Not Blind

Published August 22, 2017 by tindertender

We can see. The reality of a huge and spectacular truth has not blinded us, only assisted us in seeing more clearly.

When the sun is covered and the day turns to night, when the heat from it escapes the atmosphere ~ there is a turning inward, looking at the eclipse of ones own heart and mind. What has covered them, no longer does, an awareness has presented itself for those who wish to see.

This is a new age. The power you hold within you will change the world. You choose the reality that will be.

Pain may have been a frequent visitor and skewed the way thought has been processed into action, it may still. With diligent attention and effort, that pain can be transmuted into great learning, a gift of sharing, and valuable lessons about that which does not promote peace or joy or love.

This world, it belongs to you. It is your canvas, just as your personal life. Go within, nurture what makes you happy, make it a strong surety, and then ripple it out from you, so that it touches others who may need to see what it feels like. Wearing a smile in the face of adversity, square off your shoulders and say, “I Am That” and show life what you can do to ease this suffering, for you, and your capacities, are immeasurable.

So Hum is derived from Sanskrit and literally means “I am That” . It means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. As we meditate on this, we realize that we are all one, we have all come from one Infinite Source, and a part (Ansh) of that infinite source is present in all of us. We are all connected. 

“You are the same as I am” OM is the sound of universe. Om Soham ~ I am the universe, I am part of it, I am connected to that Infinite source.

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