8-20-17, Solar Eclipse Eve, United States

Published August 20, 2017 by tindertender

I am still trying to figure out the need for spraying the skies with chemtrails. They say “geo-engineering, weather modification” and while, yes, the skies became cloudy for most of the day, it did not rain and it is burning off, opening the skies for blue once more. So, what IS the purpose of the sprays?

I read about the increase in albino animals and wonder if they have been genetically modified, and if so … since they are for the most part born in the wild, how did these genetic changes occur? It leaves one to consider the obvious … Nano-particles. These particles and the ability to distribute them via aerosol sprays is patented by the US government. Since we can SEE the changes in the wild life, what must be happening to humanity?

Below are photos taken throughout the day, today, from morning to afternoon.











This just doesn’t seem logical, but then i am not privy to the underlying reasoning behind these actions.

“No wilderness is without light, once you explore its darkness, and no wilderness is without its friendly voices, once you learn to listen.”

Lessons of the Soul, Revealed in Wilderness
Rodney R. Romney

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