Subliminal Messages

Published August 3, 2017 by tindertender

I find it incredible how throughout life there are those who work diligently to strip good people of self worth and value, to actually embed their minds with hooks of deceit, coercing them to believe this nonsense, even live a life stripped of integrity, morals, and love.

Subliminal messages are everywhere, it is in the static of the fans, or the “white noise” behind the music, hidden messages on your TV. Degenerates, inflicting their sickness onto humanity, and then labeling others as such when they act out.

The truth is much deeper and more sinister than what we’ve been told, and have come to believe. For those who ARE degenerate, consume the world with illness.

Know it, FIGHT!! This joy filled world is not up for grabs, or manipulation. WE can make it void of this sickness, if we just stop participating in the crap.

Being aware of it is the first step.

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