Retraining The Mind

Published July 24, 2017 by tindertender

Arriving home I wrestled with memories of the past, wanting to explain that I had once worn the shoes and walked the path that has tendency to cause unsettling energies in me today. Yes, I lived that experience well, and now it is time for another.

I immerse my mind into a different flow, one that has more harmony, patience, and depth. I sit here, elbows bent, palms up and open, and I feel the blood pulse as it moves in its cycle. It feels as though there is a balloon near with the static, but there is no balloon, and the hair of my arms is not standing on end.

Practice stepping out of agitation and into calm is one of the hardest “retrainings” I have ever given myself. It is easier this day, and my hope is that peace of mind will become ever more consistent.

There are those I know who become agitated at my “depressing” musical sounds. I am curious how the tones can be thought of as depressing. I find deeper connection with self, or should I say, with that which is.

There is no need to be understood or agreed with. No effort is made trying to convince anyone of anything. This state of being often perplexes folks … a deep inner journey is unfathomable to most. It does not change anything.

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