Space And Time With You

Published July 23, 2017 by tindertender

The world is a big place, and once again I discover how narrow my vision really is.

A wise man once told me to “see as the eagle does”. I have been trying to widen my view of this world, while still focusing on cleaning house within my own heart. The task seems endless.

If I had wings, perhaps borders would not exist, I could come and go as the seasons turned. Many fowl do. As humans, we do not know one bird from the next if they come from the same genetic line. I imagine they each have personalities, just as we, and other life do.

Interesting. I displayed my ignorance for the world to see. No one scoffed, at least not aloud for me to read or hear. I appreciate that about people. Allowing me time to investigate and find my answer without needing to feel stupid for this lack of knowledge.

Thank you.

I spread wings and flew
Straight into knowledge.
Moving silently, and sometimes loudly
I continue this journey.
I find that as time passes
Hearts appear to grow gentler.
I am grateful to be alive and see this shift,
I am grateful to share this space in time with you.


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