Does It Make Sense?

Published July 20, 2017 by tindertender

Being vulnerable to heart break and experiencing sadness and grief is an absolute necessary part of feeling. IF we do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable to sorrow, we cannot experience great joy, either, for if one is shut down and closed up, the other naturally follows suit.

Broken and mended platePain is a difficult thing to deal with. It will shatter the mind, and often it seems it cannot be overcome. Pushing past the pain, allowing patience to grow, it will be overcome, and the broken parts will be stronger than ever before, the capacity for compassionate care and understanding even greater.

No, it is not easy. Yes, I have personal experience, and can speak of it with deep and true knowledge.

Within the mind there are reserves rarely tapped. Much like the athlete who runs marathons, who undoubtedly at some point thought they just couldn’t go any further, yet they did, and they may have won as well … however, regardless of who wins the race, there is still incredible gain for all who keep going.

We are connected to more than the eyes see. The truth of it has been distorted by those who do not wish us to know, yet we know, don’t we? For we all have suffered, and we all may have experienced a complete loss of hope.

This post is in no way a criticism to those who have decided to move on, who had enough. Rather it is an acknowledgement of those who remain.




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