We Will See, Won’t We?

Published July 17, 2017 by tindertender

Awake and lying in bed at 2am I considered how it is that the value of each human being is determined. Perhaps we are indeed watched as we move through life, our actions and their affects on the world monitored and recorded. Is what we do having a positive impact on life, or negative?

If positive, perhaps we will have another opportunity to come to the planet and continue the cycle of change that benefits the earth and life as a whole ~ If not, then the contrary.

As I thought this, I wondered why there are so many on the planet that hurt each other and all other life forms, why there are so many who damage the forests, waters, and skies, the very air needed for the life cycle to continue.

There are many theories.

Perhaps the worst of humanity was saved for last incarnation … given a chance to see the affect of these accumulative actions and an opportunity to change their minds about their own behaviors, (of course, there are those who love as well. Not for a moment do I believe all lack empathy and care).

Perhaps the time is very near where the decision will be made who lives here, and who does not. Perhaps the planet will indeed be rid of the scourge of the earth, and who remains will promote …

… Peace, Harmony, Joy, and Love, among all the other many attributes of compassionate living.

We will see, won’t we?

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