It’s no wonder we hardly speak to each other

Published July 3, 2017 by tindertender

Tip toe, afraid to speak what is in the heart. People are very sensitive, often hearing what they will, and not what is said, or intended. An honest person, meaning no harm whatsoever, gets attacked and lashed out at for what the hearer deems behind the meaning, or between the lines. It is so hard to be understood nowadays, for the pain which is inside folks reflects and mutates what others say.

It is no wonder we hardly speak to each other any more.

The ability to have a conversation without getting our feelings hurt and becoming defensive is rare in this world. It is common to “not” listen to anything other than what we tell ourselves, every day, and when we “think” we hear a hint of it coming from someone elses mouth, the hackles come up and anger sets in … fight mode begins.

The art of listening is nearly obsolete.
It is a hard practice.

The truth is, everyone is entitled to their views, and they will most likely, always be different than our own. People do not need to change their views to match our own, and being different does not make the difference wrong, or any less important.

The need to be right is overblown, the need to judge is something so many find too comfortable a habit.

Looking at our own stuff is hard.

If I say, “That lady is so insensitive” I must also ask the question, “Am I being insensitive?”.

If we do not practice this form of thinking, things will not change for the better, in fact they will continue the spiral to hell.

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