New Allergy Symptoms

Published July 2, 2017 by tindertender

Have you noticed your sinuses running? Have you noticed you don’t feel sick, yet for some reason your body is fighting hard to eject something from itself? Look around you, do you see other bodies fighting something unseen?

runny nose.jpgWe are being systematically poisoned. Our bodies are fighting so hard to maintain health, but with this constant, continuous flow of chemicals and metals being spewed into the skies from the planes, we inhale it all, it gets all over the foods we grow, and we eat it as well as breathe it.

There is a murderous scheme being played out before our very eyes. Our bodies are screaming out, begging us to take notice. The plant life is becoming brittle, drying out because of the … now … inability to properly absorb waters. The waters they DO absorb are filled with these chemical & metal concoctions.

A world wide genocidal plan is being perpetrated on all life.

If we don’t put aside our petty squabbles of left and right, red and blue, skin color, gender definition, and religious beliefs, WE ALL WILL DIE.

Banding together against this evil is more important now than ever. This evil is coming out into the day light, boldly spraying in our faces, no longer sneaking. Turn off the television. Trust in your own instincts, LOOK at the skies, observe the tree health, watch the videos which show the rivers lit and ablaze due to the fracked gases. Look at the eco-systems which have been destroyed due to oil spills.

We must take a stand, shouting a solid NO and uniting against the murderous thieves and liars who have had a grip on our minds for so long.

There is a sinister, underhanded scheme here, and we are all affected by it.
This MUST end here, now, the cycle must stop.

All Life Depends On Us ~ We Must Band Together.

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