M.T.H.O.S. The Handbook Of Shadow, pg 116

Published May 29, 2017 by tindertender

Handbook of Shadow.JPG
Oh, great and magnificent spirit,
you who have traveled through
the wilderness to find me,
let us form our bond
as was destined to be.
My energy is your energy
my soul is your soul,
our heart shall be as one,
my will makes it so,
so shall it now be.
In dreams I was in the image of you, oh spirit.
In dreams I ran though the wilderness in your stead.
In dreams we were as one kindred spirit.
I felt the astral winds,
I heard the cries of my kin in my ears.
The whispers of freedom were on my lips.
The breath of our kind was in my lungs.
This is what was fated to be,
my (brother/sister). Guide me
now as our bond grows ever stronger.
Let us make the pact of kindred souls,
binding us as one, meshing into one soul forever.

When you have connected with your spirit in good tidings, you can view them any time you wish through a mirror. To do so will strengthen your bond more and more each time. To do this look into the eyes of your reflection (in a mirror, doesn’t matter which mirror after the connection) and say: Guardian Spirit, show yourself so that we may kindle our bond, spirit to spirit, as was meant to be.

You will then see your astral/animal spirit looking back at you. This is a very healthy way to communicate with them. Ask them questions, or whatever, and they will respond. The feeling of this bond is most incredible and very comforting. You will know each others thoughts as well as feelings. They are highly intelligent and can give you guidance in whatever you wish.

William R. Wraithe – 2009

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