I Believe In Love

Published May 29, 2017 by tindertender

As a young girl I believed in love. I saw it in the crystal blue skies and in the dance between wind and leaves of trees, the way it moved my hair and felt on my skin. I saw love in the bugs of the earth and the blossoms of flowers, their scent moving across time and space. I heard it in the song of the birds.

Through life there have been many challenges for that love. It seemed everywhere I turned someone was attempting to extinguish my faith in this deep love I knew existed.

As I aged and heart breaks grew in number, I weakened, my faith in the existence of love faltered and I grew angry. I lashed out at anyone who would hear me. How could it be that love left me? How could it be that it was no where to be found?

I realize now that this love I saw outside of me is still there. Love dwells in the hearts of all living beings. When we see it inside our self, and nourish it, we begin to see it everywhere.

I believed in love, a profound and deep love, as a child. As a young adult I still believed, however 3 decades of harm and hurt stifled my ability to see it. Now I know … this love within is like a flower. It is blooming, and it’s gentle aroma is reaching all the corners that the bloom itself cannot see, the scent of it fills all spaces. Growing through pain was slow yet the flowers’ stalk is strong and sturdy. With time it had to reach for the sun ~ or the belief in Loves reality.

I believe in love.png

Yes … I believe in love. I believe in love with my whole heart, with every ounce of my being. It is here, it is real, and it is in bloom. All harms will be nurtured, and all sorrows will turn to smiles. Healing is in the giving. Strength is in the knowledge that Love does, and always has, dwelt within the heart, filling the deepest portion of the Soul.

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