Life Dance Into Shifting Realities

Published May 16, 2017 by tindertender

Unlocking the potential which dwells within can seem impossible. It may not even be clear what the potential is, or what direction it should reach for. There is always a force that we may not be aware of though, which pushes and pulls at our heart, it assists us in creating certain situations, and ending others.

Peace phrase_1.jpgThis dance we call life is something we never do alone, although it may feel that way at times.

When a situation comes to an end, open eyes to see what is there, for there will be a new beginning, a new opportunity. Do not be attached to what it will look like, or what it shows up as … whatever form it takes, it will be exactly what you need, exactly what all involved need.

Really see the shift for what it is. The experiences that stem from it will enrich not only the life of the one partaking, but also of the lives touched by this flow of change. It’s beautiful.


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