You’re Changing

Published May 13, 2017 by tindertender

By Sophie Gregoire

Acknowledge and Be.jpg
You’re changing. Not changing like small. You’re changing because you’ve truly outgrown some of your situations of the old.

When you want to go back there, in “I need to heal and move past it”, it even feels that it’s already done — that there is no more for you to do in the spaces of releasing but only residues, small weeds.

There is a feeling of “I’ve done the work now”.

But, you’re scared. Scared because change is scary and also because you were used to finding your grounding, your base… in Suffering.

You had found Yourself, your gifts, your relief almost, your name, your swords, your Medicine… in coming back from disappointment, dishonor and pain, in finding a way to come back to life after the trauma — you’ve found your True Self in building the strength to recover from the turbulences of evolving and from the scars of the heartbreak.

You’re wondering How life works if its base, its ground isn’t anymore in finding the strength to leave, or in unveiling the medicine to recover.

You had been used to dealing with suffering so well, so beautifully, you even started to make art out of it… so somewhere, you even thought that Life was It.

It wasn’t.

You’ve been emptied out now, even of the breaking.
So, what are you going to do with life?
How do we play with sunny flowers, again?
How do we have fun again?
How do we make love, again, with someone that feels right?
How do we do life when life is Happy?

Be still. Just know that energetically, you’re Back. Don’t search in order to fill the void, or because you feel that there is nothing within. It’s not true.

It’s just that the carpet under your feet is removed, because you’ve outgrown it, because that carpet was your Recovery.

Just acknowledge that the release has happened, and that this is, strangely, the roots of your discomfort – you were sick somewhere, now you aren’t anymore so you’re wondering what will be the new goal of your Story.

You’re about to be back as a very different You.

As for the future, nothing for now. Know that Life will move you, inspire you, wake you up with something new, ignite the spark again deep in your heart — know that it’s Her job, and right now yours is just to Acknowledge and Be.  

Be still and let life find you on its own terms… now that you’re ready.

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