Hidden Blessings

Published May 12, 2017 by tindertender

Fourteen years ago, after many methods and failed attempts, I was finally able to kick the habit of smoking. That little piece of Nicorette was literally, my life saver.

The craving would pass over my body, pulling fiercely at my mind … SMOKE!!! I would toss in a small piece of that gum, give it a good few chomps, and stuff it in the cheek of my mouth. Five minutes later, relief, craving gone. It only took 4 days, and then I was done for good.

Emotions are quite the same. When I feel anxiety, or something similar, I remind myself it is only energy. I breathe and relax into it, I feel it as it moves through my body and out. Usually, in 5 minutes ~ much like the craving I had when quitting smoking ~ the energy bubble is gone and I am once again at ease (or at least not about to jump from the skin!).

Hidden Blessings.jpgAn upset, or feeling of wanting to affirm something to make it clear and understood, and to fit in with others during a group conversation, comes about and once again, I refrain and hold that thought or need. Soon, it too, fades and the need is no longer one of importance.

Sometimes we hear what is rolling around in our minds, and not what is actually said. It is okay when this occurs, for to be instantly understood isn’t the point of communication much of the time … the planting of seeds for thought is the important issue. Patience to let a topic be for a time, while these seeds sprout is needed, and later, perhaps a revisit to the topic.

Time is an amazing gift. Always, in time, perspective shifts and room for new thoughts is made. A blessing for me, a blessing for all. Seeing these seemingly hidden blessings can be difficult, however with a little practice, they become quite clear.

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