Harmony Of The Mind

Published May 11, 2017 by tindertender

During sleep my mind jumps from one scenario to another, these scenes do not make sense. Over and over, one after the other. I open my eyes in the early morning, and it stops … I get to lay there in silence, no more movie screen playing in the mind. Shortly after rising, I make coffee and sit at the computer to open my mind a little more as I ready for the days activity. Again my mind begins to work, full speed now, consciously. This is the time I get to choose what happens in this brain of mine.

Mind Heart Harmony.jpgThis waking time is also the time I can, with complete awareness, quiet my mind. It cannot happen any other time, even in sleep. Only at this time can I actually still the thoughts, or at least slow them, and find peace.

What a blessing it is, to be awake and to choose to count all of these gifts as the day begins, and progresses, to lift myself from the constant flow and focus, consciously, on the many beautiful aspects of life, to harmonize.

We all have this … every one of us.

Walking on Earth.jpgThere was a time I slept, and was not aware of dreams. Usually it was after drinking, or taking an Excedrin PM or some other substance to assist in a solid nights sleep. But what of the activity that needed to be? It did not happen, so was it a hindrance on the flow of the mind and the progression that needed to be?

I wake and feel as though I did not get too much rest, in the mind, that is. My body is fully rested, which I believe is the only thing that really does need it at night, for in the day it is possible to take a moment here and there to breathe, and to consciously, with awareness, still the mind for the rest it needs.

I plan on going out there and counting beautiful things today, little moments, or pleasures. I plan on sharing at least one of them.

Enjoy your day, it may be the last time for walking on the earth …

Treasure it.

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